Building & Construction

Numerous applications

PVC by Taiyo Vinyl Corporation

Tosoh and group companies supply the construction industry with PVC for a wide range of uses. These include window frames and doors, flooring, wall coverings, reservoir linings, sheets and panels, roller shutters, sports stadium seats and much more. 

Recycled construction assets

Flooring materials by Lonseal Corporation

Tosoh and Lonseal contribute to the realization of a recycling-based society by converting used vinyl sheeting collected from farms and pulverized construction materials into durable flooring materials. 

Building materials lamination


Tosoh Melthene-M is an adhesive polymer offering excellent adhesion with most substrates, without the use of solvents. This makes it ideal for extrusion coating and laminating of textile, lumber, plastic, rubber, metal, and other building materials.



Tosoh's PVC, adhesive polymer and other products are found in numerous construction applications for homes and buildings that result in higher quality and durability.