Hydrocarbon absorption and VOC collection


Tosoh develops zeolites that help prevent pollution through efficient absorption of hydrocarbons in automobile exhaust and other substances. Zeolites can also be used to collect volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from factory exhaust.

Cutting edge material with broad applications and eco-benefits

Tosoh zirconia (yttria-stabilized zirconia, or YTZ) brings ecological benefits to a broad range of products, including solid oxide fuel and oxygen NOx sensors in the automotive field.
Zirconia exhibits superior mechanical properties, such as high strength and flexibility, and represents a technological breakthrough in surpassing the strength limitations of traditional fine ceramics. Tosoh zirconia is also used for fabrication of leading-edge artificial teeth.

Environmental analysis technology

Scientific instruments

Tosoh's scientific instruments are used to measure trace amount of anions and cations in purified water, wastewater and rainwater. They are useful for environmental analysis as well as for analysis operations in a number of fields, including the food, pharmaceuticals, water sanitation and electronics industries.

Advanced wastewater treatment facility

Organo Corporation

Technologies for treating wastewater in large cities and rural areas alike and removing nitrogen and phosphorous from water resources play an important role in creating the infrastructure for a society that enriches people’s lives. Organo’s wastewater-treatment technologies transform wastewater into water that can be returned to ecosystems, resuscitating babbling brooks and aquatic life.

Wastewater purification technology

Heavy metal treatment agents

Tosoh helps waste disposal facilities prevent elution into the environment of the heavy metals contained in the fly ash and combustion ash generated during incineration. Tosoh TS-300, a high performance heavy-metal treatment agent, offers heavy-metal elution control properties and sharply reduces the volume of carbon disulfide generated during the treatment of fly ash, a problem associated with conventional treatment agents. Tosoh TX-10 is an agent that renders heavy-metal ions in wastewater insoluble, making it applicable to the purification of wastewater.



Tosoh markets materials to the automotive industry for cleaner operating cars, provides environmental analysis to manufacturers, and supplies wastewater treatment technology.