Present in Products for the Medical Industry

Surgical operations


Tosoh's unique hydrolysis process for the conversion of 1-Chloro-2,2,2-trifluoroethane (HCFC-133a) has made Tosoh the world's largest and most competitive supplier of 2,2,2-Trifluoroethanol (TFEA). Tosoh quality is the world standard.

Cancer screening

Tosoh TRC System

Tosoh products play an important role in genetic testing, which is effective in the monitoring of or screening for some infectious diseases or cancer. Some diseases result in concentrations of specific types of RNA or other proteins within the body and these can be used as markers. Tosoh’s diagnostic system is looking at a specific protein that is indicative of the disease mechanism, rather than attempting to spot disorders in DNA or to identify the DNA of the microbe. The Tosoh transcription-reverse transcription concerted (TRC) system can identify the RNA, for example, produced by a pathogenic microbe or cancer cell.

Diabetes screening

HLC® -723G8 automated glycohemoglobin analyzer

Tosoh's HLC-723G8 brings automated benefits to diabetic screening. HbA1c (glycohemoglobin) is grouped into A1a, A1b, L-A1c and sA1c categories according to the kind of glucose combined. Measurement of HbA1c is widely utilized today as an index for diabetic screening tests and also as a therapeutical index for the long-term blood glucose control of diabetes mellitus.

Essential hospital products

PVC by Taiyo Vinyl Corporation

Tosoh and its group companies supply chloride resins for a wide variety of applications. In the medical industry, PVC is used for such essential products as blood bags, plasma bags, tubing, infusion kits, and many more.



Tosoh is a name respected by medical professionals for its higher standards of quality as well as the practical application of a variety of products used in hospitals and clinics throughout the world.