Tosoh Corporation Visual Identity Guidelines

A company must be easily identified regardless of where or with what media it communicates.

Visual identity is essential to a company's image. Applying a system of clearly defined rules works to ensure that a company is visually represented consistently and accurately everywhere.

Producers of Tosoh communications materials, whether they be employees (internal), contracted designers or members of the media (external), must abide by the Tosoh Corporation Visual Identity Guidelines (VIGs, click link to download) issued by Tosoh International Public Relations (IPR) in International Corporate Development (ICD). This applies to Tosoh and its majority owned overseas group companies' marketing communications materials (ads, releases, souvenirs, event booths, etc.) and other materials that are targeted for publishing and distribution outside of Japan.  For questions related to the Tosoh Corporation VIGs, please contact us at [email protected].

Failure to follow these guidelines will be met with immediate request for concealment, revision, or deletion of non-compliant materials upon discovery.

In order to avoid wasted efforts and resources, any and all Tosoh related communications are to be submitted to Tosoh IPR for review and approval. This policy also applies to materials that are updated or renewed, such as catalogs, brochures, videos, websites, and other materials.

We welcome inquiries from the media and our overseas group companies worldwide to confirm the use of our VIGs, as not all instances are covered. We also welcome any questions or concerns by our colleagues and affiliates as to how we can best be represented in new emerging mediums and other visual venues (social media, etc.).

Note: The VIGs is a working document which is subject to change at anytime without warning. When such changes are made, an announcement will be made to PR contacts and other stakeholders who are affected by such changes.