Combination System

Combination system = Tosoh corporate mark + company logotype

The Tosoh combination system is a result of the need to place the name of the company as a logotype next to the corporate mark in a way that is both corporate approved and consistent every time. 

Download the Tosoh Corporation combination system below (right-click and "save as").

Like the corporate mark, the combination system has an exclusion area within which other objects may not be placed. Below illustrates the exclusion area as at least one a, where a is equal to the width of the white square in the Tosoh corporate mark.

For Tosoh users:
Each Tosoh Group company* has a combination system. Please contact your resident PR contact if you need to implement the combination system on your materials.

*Please refer to the Tosoh Visual Identity Guidelines for a list of companies for which assets like logotype and combination system are available.