Polyisocyanates for PU Paints


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General Type
These polyisocyanates modified with multifuncitonal alcohols are used as crosslinkers for reactive coatings. In combination with our NIPPOLAN® or other polyols (polyester, epoxy, or acrylic resins), they can be applied in a wide range of coating fields, such as wooden products, metals, plastics, rubbers, concrete, paper, and leather.
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Fast Curing Type
These polyisocyanates, containing isocyanurate rings, exhibit faster curing characteristics compared with the general type. Main applications include sanding sealer for wood, gravure ink and paints for metals.
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Moisture Curing Type
These prepolymers react with atmospheric moisture to produce higher molecular weight polyureas and thereby form cured films on the substrates. They are used as primer materials for wooden and plastic products and as cross-linking agents applied in combination with polyols.
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Non-Yellowing Type
These products containind HDI isocyanurate rings and modified with multifunctional alcohols, are used as binding agents for the substrates. In combination with our NIPPOLANS or other polyols (polyester, epoxy, acrylic, resins), they can be applied in a wide range of coating fields, such as automotive, construction, wooden products, metals, plastics, rubbers, concrete, paper, leather, etc.
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Blocked Isocyanates
These types of isocyanates are masked with blocking agents (phenol, E-caprolactam). One-component systems, which are stable under normal conditions, can be obtained in combination with various polyols. Blocked isocyanates can be applied as baking finishes for wire and coil coatings, metals, rubber, plastics, etc.
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