Zirconia Fine Beads

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Product Name: Zirconia Fine Beads
Generic Name: N/A
Chemical Formula / Diagram: N/A
Product Overview: Tosoh has developed Zirconia Fine Beads with a diameter less than 250µm. Due to the very high durability of our beads, new applications are now being developed. Tosoh’s high end manufacturing technology has yielded Zirconia Fine Beads that exhibit superior strength and fracture toughness. Tosoh’s Zirconia Fine Beads have the highest impact strength and wear resistance with the lowest breakage. Tosoh’s Zirconia Fine Beads contribute to reduced operating costs by the significant reduction in waste materials requiring disposal in many applications. Tosoh is now aggressively promoting the market development and expansion of Zirconia Fine Beads. Please feel free to contact the nearest Tosoh sales office or your local distributor for more information.
Applications: Blasting
Shot peening
Placing sand
Typical Properties: 
Composition 95% ZrO2, 5% Y2O3 
Specific Density 6.05 g/cm3 
Bulk Density 3.50 g/cm3 
Crushing Load 1050 MPa 
Hardness (Hv10) 1100 
Standard Sizes (by grade):
TZ-B53 38-75µm (+/-)95%
25-106µm (+/-)95% 
75-106µm (+/-)95% 
106-150µm (+/-)95% 
TZ-B180  150-212µm (+/-)95% 
TZ-B250  212-300µm (+/-)95% 
Durability Comparison: 
 Photographs of Beads:
   (0-->3 shots) (0-->10 shots)  (0-->50 shots) 
Before Testing      
After Testing