The corporate logotype is used when indicating the official company name in design.

Tosoh's corporate logotypes are always shown as a single unit and horizontal - it is never shown separately or on two separate lines.

Download the official Tosoh corporate logotype below (right-click and "save as").

Unlike the corporate mark and combination system, logotypes are not subject to an exclusion area restriction. However, logotypes should not look crowded by competing text or other graphic elements that reduces the visibility of the company name.

Tosoh's logotype as well as other group companies' logotypes are specially designed illustrations. No attempt should be made to replicate them by typing or use of illustration software.

The logotype is a graphic design element. It should not be used in place of a company's name in running text, nor should any attempt be made to emulate the look and feel of the logotype by typing. For example, it is not acceptable to write "TOSOH" (in all head-caps) in sentences, paragraphs, or copy of advertisements, web pages, catalogs, etc.

For Tosoh users:
Each Tosoh Group company* has a corporate logotype. Please contact your resident PR contact for more information.

*Please refer to the Tosoh Visual Identity Guidelines for a complete list of Tosoh Group companies for which a corporate logotype is available.