Tosoh Acquires Naming Rights for Multipurpose Cultural Venue

Tokyo, Japan–Tosoh has entered a three-year agreement for the right to rename the Cybele Arena in Yamagata City, Yamagata Prefecture, at a yearly cost of ¥20 million (approximately US$186,000). This multipurpose cultural venue is operated by GEN, a regional culture foundation, a public interest incorporated foundation that provides support for regional culture. On April 1, the venue was renamed the Tosoh Arena.

This is the first time Tosoh has acquired naming rights. That it has done so regarding a multipurpose cultural venue in Yamagata Prefecture is most appropriate given the company’s well-established roots in the business and social fabric of this region of Japan. Tosoh’s annual payment for the naming rights to the Tosoh Arena will bolster that complex’s ability to remain a vibrant center of regional culture. In short, Tosoh will contribute to the development of regional culture and society.

The acquisition of naming rights will also heighten awareness throughout Yamagata Prefecture of the Tosoh Group, and serve as a reminder of the depth of Tosoh’s commitment to its corporate social responsibility.

Overview of the Multipurpose Cultural Venue

Address: Zaomatsugaoka 2-chome, 1-3, Yamagata City, Yamagata Prefecture
Operator: GEN (Regional Culture Foundation), a public interest incorporated foundation

Main Facilities:


This 500-seat hall is suitable for stage plays, concerts, lectures, and other events and is equipped as a theater. It can also be cleared for use as a gymnasium.

Chihitsudo-Bunko Yamagata Library

This library offers approximately 30,000 books, including some from the personal collection of famous writer Hisashi Inoue, a native of the town of Kawanishi in Yamagata Prefecture. It is adjacent to the hall and is open to the public at no charge.  

Haha to Ko ni Okuru Nihon no Miraikan Museum

This museum features, among other exhibits, puppet shows based on the works of Hisashi Inoue.

Scope of Business:    

The multipurpose, newly renamed Tosoh Arena is one of Japan’s few private-sector cultural facilities. GEN, a regional culture foundation, independently organizes and hosts theater productions, concerts, and other events, of which it holds about 30 annually. Each year, the complex welcomes more than 30,000 visitors, including patrons of its library.

Details Regarding Naming Rights

Name of Venue: Tosoh Arena
Contract Period: Three years, from April 1, 2020, through March 31, 2023
Contract Value: ¥20 million a year

Main Tosoh Group Companies in Yamagata Prefecture

Tosoh boasts eight companies with 14 operating bases in Yamagata Prefecture.

Company Name


Scope of Business

Tosoh Speciality Materials Corporation

Yamagata City*

Manufacture of electronic materials

Tosoh Quartz Corporation

Yamagata City, Yonezawa City, Sakata City

Manufacture and sales of silica glass products

Tohoku Tosoh Chemical Co., Ltd.

Sakata City

Manufacture and sales of soda products

Tohoku Denki Tekko Co., Ltd.

Sakata City, Yamagata City, Tsuruoka City, elsewhere

Design and execution of plant and electrical construction projects

Tosoh Analysis and Research Center Co., Ltd.

Yamagata City

Analysis and testing of chemical substances

Toho Acetylene Co., Ltd.

Sakata City

Manufacture and sales of acetylene and other gases

Toho Unyu Co., Ltd.

Sakata City

Supply of logistics services, including transport and warehousing

Organo Corporation

Tsuruoka City

Manufacture and sales of water purification and other equipment

*Tosoh Speciality Materials Corporation is adjacent to the Tosoh Arena.


Who We Are

Tosoh is the parent of the Tosoh Group, which comprises over 100 companies worldwide and a multiethnic workforce of over 12,000 people and generated net sales of ¥822.9 billion (US$7.4 billion at the average rate of ¥110.85 to the US dollar) in fiscal 2018, ended March 31, 2018.

What We Do

Tosoh is one of the largest chlor-alkali manufacturers in Asia. The company supplies the plastic resins and an array of the basic chemicals that support modern life. Tosoh’s petrochemical operations supply ethylene, polyethylene, and functional polymers, while its advanced materials business serves the global semiconductor, display, and solar industries. Tosoh has also pioneered sophisticated bioscience systems that are used for the monitoring of life-threatening diseases. In addition, Tosoh demonstrates its commitment to a sustainable future in part by manufacturing a variety of eco-products.

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